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How to Find What Inspires You

Finding your own “inspiration” can be a difficult, even frustrating, endeavor. You might spend hours surfing the Internet, reading books, watching movies and television shows, and eating snacks until you’re stuffed and frustrated enough to pack your bag and head for the hills. On the flip side, you might find yourself at a loss when it comes to which new things to pursue. When you know how to find what inspires you, however, the process can become much easier. Here are some ideas on how to find what inspires you:

  • Think about your interests and hobbies. Do you love to read? If so, you’ll be surprised how many great books there are about just about every topic under the sun. Chances are that you’ve never even heard of many of them, but by digging into your fondest reading memories, you can uncover forgotten classics that hold wonderful stories for your life and yours alone.
  • Look around you. Where do you see and feel inspired most? For many people, this activity brings them joy and satisfaction, regardless of its subject. For others, however, finding a subject or niche in which they feel inspired can help them find greater meaning in their lives. Whether it’s a hobby, sport, or other past-time, doing so can provide you with years of mental exercise and wonderful ideas for your future.
  • What’s on your mind right now? Are there certain thoughts and issues that run through your mind often? Is it possible that you’re constantly wondering how to achieve something meaningful in your life? Chances are, this is one of the first questions to ask yourself, as the answer could provide countless answers. Paying attention to your thoughts is a great way to learn new things and spark new ideas.
  • What books are you currently reading? If you’re an avid reader, chances are you own several titles, each one featuring a different theme and telling a different story. In fact, the genre of books you choose may inspire you to find inspiration within yourself. Take time to explore popular selections and decide whether they match your personal goals.
  • Have you ever given a piece of advice or suggestion to a friend or relative that you found was not successful? If so, write down the reasons why. It doesn’t take long before you’ll have dozens of examples to consider when looking for inspiration. From the advice you received to the circumstances surrounding your situations, all of these things can inspire you to pursue a goal. When you pay close attention, you will be amazed at how easy it is to find new ideas.
  • Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are excellent resources for staying connected with others. What better way to stay motivated than by connecting with those who share your passions? Look through your friends’ pages and see if there are any posts that spark your interest. Start checking out the links in their newsfeeds to see if anything catches your eye. With so many ways to stay connected, you can’t help but notice how inspiring other people are.
  • Books are another fantastic way to stay inspired. Have you read lately? Were there any particular books that resonated with you? If so, start reading them. Don’t wait until it’s too late; this is a process that can be started today. Find a few books that you absolutely love and look forward to reading them regularly.
  • Magazines are also great places to find inspiration. Take a look through your daily newspaper and magazines. Many people would be surprised at how insightful certain issues are. What events were covered recently that are of interest to you? Keep looking through the pages for interesting articles that may spark a topic for you to write about.
  • The Internet is also a wonderful resource for staying inspired. Go online to search for blogs written about topics of interest to you. See what questions other people have asked and answer them. You never know – Someone else may have the same question and need a solution to their problems.
  • Movies and TV shows are other great sources of inspiration. What show or movie did you enjoy the most that week? Did you go with that feeling of excitement every time you watched? Use that as a source for future projects and ideas.
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