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How to Motivate Your Man to Love You Again

How to motivate your man is probably one of the biggest challenges you will face in your marriage. One of the first things you should do when you decide to remarry is get him to see you and be around you more. This requires that you give him space. Remaining in the same place with your ex, even though he is not feeling well, will only make him resent you. If you are constantly there, he will start to resent you. Give him a little space.

It can be difficult to motivate your man when your mate does not like the way you look or behave. Men tend to dislike changes in their companionship, especially when their mate is not happy with how things are going. If you tell your man that you are trying to do something different to attract him, he will not take kindly to such criticism. Instead of criticizing you, consider how to motivate your man by praising the good qualities of yourself and your life together. It may take a while for him to realize that you are doing the right thing.

Being unloving can be a huge problem in marriage, so if your relationship is getting stale, it might be time to sit down and figure out how to change this. Disregarding your husband is never a good thing. Many couples have issues where one or both spouses are disrespectful of each other. For example, if you continually disrespect your husband or fail to listen to him, he will eventually begin to treat you in a less favorable manner. When this happens, you are slowly ruining your chances of keeping your marriage alive and thriving.

How to motivate your husband to love you more begins when you understand exactly how to treat him. If your husband is coming home from work stressed out, and you do not offer any solutions or talk to him about his problems, he will simply shut you out and be unavailable to you. This is a major mistake because your husband needs you to validate his feelings. Otherwise he will begin to see you as someone who will always leave him alone and ignore his needs.

One of the most powerful ways to change how your husband feels about you is to show him how much you value and appreciate him. Let him know that you will always be there for him, no matter what he does or says. You can show your husband that you are willing to walk away from any relationship unless he changes his behavior. Involve him in things that you like to do and then let him know that you are going to be with him until he changes. In other words, the more he sees how much you love him, the more he will fall in love with you and want to be with you.

Another important way to change how to motivate your man is to start sharing some of your personal life goals with him. If you two share similar interests and goals this is a great way to move your relationship forward. You will find that when you talk about these things, your husband will begin to feel close to you again and wants to help you achieve your goals. This type of bonding is extremely important because it can make a tremendous difference in how the two of you feel about one another. The bond created by shared goals will lead to more dedication and time spent with you.

Finally, once your husband starts showing an interest in you again you need to hold off on making love as frequently as you used to. Men need time to sort out their emotions after a relationship has ended and it is best for you and your husband to put things on hold for a little while. He will need time to get back into a routine that he feels comfortable with. This is just one of the many tips on how to motivate your man to love you again. Once he has started taking you for granted he will never want you back.

Your goal as a couple is to become friends who are truly in love with one another. If you want your husband to feel closer to you again you must work hard at making that happen. It is important to be patient and to not rush things. Once your man begins to see how much you love and care for him he will feel secure and will want to return the favor.

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